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The only sandal you'll ever need.

Cambiami is revolutionizing the footwear industry by allowing you to instantly personalize your sandal with dozens of colorful, comfortable and fashion-forward interchangeable straps.

Italian for "change me," Cambiami (pronounced Cam-Bee-Amee) offers the ultimate in affordable customization without sacrificing style or comfort.

Cambis are made to instantly coordinate with any outfit. Our patented design allows you to simply swap the straps and step into an entirely new look quickly and easily. A single Cambiami sandal can be worn from day to night, with endless outfit combinations.

Whether you’re traveling the world or running ‘round town, Cambiamis will let you express your personal style in a snap!

Free to Choose. Design. Create the only sandal you’ll ever need.


Diane Licht, the founder of Cambiami, has always had a passion for shoes and traveling. The inspiration for Cambiami came during a vacation in Greece where Diane brought 10 pairs of sandals for her 12-day trip. She wanted to find a better way for women to quickly and affordably change their look without compromising their style or running out of space in their suitcase. After studying footwear design and craftsmanship at the renowned footwear school, ARS Sutoria in Milan, Italy Diane developed Cambiami to provide women with a fashionable, comfortable, and affordable customizable sandals.


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